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Welcome to Plazko.io, the Software and Technology Blog for Plazko.com

Welcome to Plazko.io.

Developing a modern e-commerce web application can be a fast and furious operation.  We’re starting this blog to help chronicle our technology decisions (and non-decisions) and other events that impact our software.  We hope that this will provide transparency for our customers as we strive to become one of the leaders in worldwide e-commerce.

Plazko.com is an online company focused on e-commerce.  Right now, we’re best known for selling beads and findings.  If you’re anything like me, you’re probably re-reading that last sentence and will eventually conclude that I made a typo with the word “findings”.

Side story: When my boss, who is an Indian immigrant and speaks English as a second third language, told me that we sold “findings”, I was sure that he was simply misusing the word and I just smiled at him politely while in my head I thought, “wtf is a finding“!?  As it turns out, a finding is actually a thing.  (For those that just want the quick answer, findings are small parts used to make jewelry.)

My role at Plazko is generally to provide strong guidance with any decisions related to technology, and software in particular.  What that means is, basically, I write software and sometimes pretend to be a systems administrator or database architect.  I spend a good amount of time arguing out ideas with one of my bosses, Karan, who is spirited and ambitious.  I win some, and lose some.  I work closely with my other boss, Chandana, on many aspects of the software.  She is the defacto “product owner” in our Agile world.  Oh, my name is Evan.  I believe in highly organized processes and Object Oriented code.  I like to overuse design patterns.  I like to reinvent the wheel, because a lot of the wheels that I come across are ugly.  I like pretty, sparkly, wheels.  I like writing code at 3 Am.  I prefer black coffee to Red Bull.  And I like gangster rap music from the 90’s.

If you’re a good programmer, you should know that Plazko.com is an awesome place to work.  I eat a crap-ton of free food and snacks that are always stocked in the pantry.  Monday through Thursday I eat protein bars for lunch and on Friday the company buys us lunch.  Today we had El Pollo Loco.  It was freaking good.  Also, Chandana makes ridiculously good Indian food, which she brings in from time-to-time.  Yesterday we had carrot cake and apple roses for a co-workers birthday.  If I’m acting like free food is the end-all-be-all of fringe benefits, that’s because, well, it is.  Aside from the food, we’re encouraged and empowered to use cutting-edge technology and to develop the very best software.  If you take pride in your work, then that is a great benefit that, unfortunately, many companies seem to lack.

In the coming posts I hope to talk less about myself and food, and more about our software architecture, why we do it the way we do, and some of the things I have learned (and continue to learn) along the way.

Like many software teams, ours is working at a high-pace to (attempt to) keep up with the challenges and trends of modern software.  We’ll try to check-in at regular intervals and provide details on what we’re up to.  If you have any suggestions, please drop us a note!

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