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Recent Changes in Plazko.com’s Payment Processing System Causes Suspicious Looking Charges of $0 on Customer Accounts

We recently changed to a different credit card processing company. We did this to improve the quality of service that we provide to our customers. Unfortunately, this switch-over had an unexpected side-effect that has caused concern for many of our users.   We only work with highly reputable, secure, fully PCI-compliant companies when it comes […]

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Apple Osx Finder is Listing Files Very (VERY) Slow Over SMB with Shared Hard Drive Connected Directly to a Wifi Router (SOLVED 6/30/2016)

Retrospective Notes We went through several “solutions” before finding the real solution (see updates below) The problem turned out to be that Apple has added some stuff to their home-brewed implementation of smb.  This results in OSX smb client asking the smb server for information that most smb implementations simply do not provide.  This is […]

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Paypal Express API Control Character Bug (failed due to Paypal Express Payment failed (10004): Invalid character in parameter. Invalid characters include 0x0, 0x1, 0x3, 0x5, 0x7, 0x8, 0xb, 0x1a, 0x1b for example)

We recently had an issue come up at Plazko.com that was one of those issues that frustrates you because you don’t even really know the best way to diagnose the cause.  When the problem first occurred, the customer managed to fix it themselves and since no one else reported it also, I put the issue […]

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Pricing Revision and Updates to Deals and Coupon Features

Changes with the Way We Calculate Product Prices, Deals, and Coupons We recently* modified the way that prices are calculated on Plazko.com for the sake of improved consistency and clarity. Because we try to maximize the savings that our customers receive, we have to use a complicated algorithm and as a result, sometimes the final prices on orders can […]

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Welcome to Plazko.io, the Software and Technology Blog for Plazko.com

Welcome to Plazko.io. Developing a modern e-commerce web application can be a fast and furious operation.  We’re starting this blog to help chronicle our technology decisions (and non-decisions) and other events that impact our software.  We hope that this will provide transparency for our customers as we strive to become one of the leaders in worldwide e-commerce. […]

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